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Serving The Greater Boston Community In Real Estate, Business And Personal Injury Matters
The Law Office of Alan H. Segal has been providing legal services to the Greater Boston Massachusetts community for over 40 years. Attorney Alan H. Segal and his associates through the years have provided legal consultation in the areas of Massachusetts real estate law, business law, and estate planning with a sincere, personal touch to their clients. Alan has appeared on local television, cable and the radio offering his insights on current legal issues. He and his staff understand that finding your way through the legal system can be a complex and overwhelming task. They take pride in being available when you need them to be “YOUR LAWYER”.

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Business Law

Business Law Explained By A Needham MA Business Lawyer

If you’re choosing to start a business, you’ll want to make sure to choose the correct legal form with which you will begin to operate. When starting your business, your business lawyer in Needham can help you understand and choose the option that will best accommodate and protect your business. A Needham, MA business law attorney can help you whether you are an established business owner, if you just started a business or if you are thinking to start your business in Needham, MA or Norfolk County Massachusetts. These choices include:

> a sole proprietorship
> a partnership
> a limited liability company
> a corporation (including a regular “C” corporation or an “S” corporation)

Each choice will have its own specific tax liability. Additionally, you will want to consider how your business will be handled in the case that you are no longer able to operate and grow the business yourself.

For more information on varying business law elements follow these links:

> Business Entity Selection FAQs
> Sole Proprietorships
> Partnerships
> Corporations
> Limited Liability
> Business Attorney
> Intellectual Property
> Massachusetts Asset Protection
> Boston Asset Protection
> E-commerce Agreements
> E-commerce Attorney
> Drafting Buy-Sell Agreements


Estate Planning

Needham Estate Planning Attorney

You can start the process of estate planning when you want to arrange the transfer of your assets to specific heirs and other beneficiaries. This is to ensure that the proper people are provided with the legal rights to property and other assets after you pass on.

If you are seeking legal assistance with your will, contact our Needham estate planning attorney today.

A Needham Estate Planning Attorney can help you learn how to:

> select your heirs
> choose amount and time of distribution of inheritance to heirs
> avoid probate
> eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes
> eliminate death income taxes
> maintain control over your assets
> maintain both privacy and flexibility
> leave directions and the power to act if you are incapacitated
> leave funeral instructions
> leave organ transplant instructions
> make the administration of your estate as simple and quick to execute as possible.

These are important goals.

If you are seeking legal assistance with your will, contact our Boston estate planning lawyer today.

Medicaid Planning

It is never too early to begin planning for nursing home care. Healthy middle-aged people can plan now to avoid emergency planning years down the road. We work with you to protect your assets and help you qualify for Medicaid.

Contact an elder lawyer from our firm to arrange a free consultation.

Protecting Your Assets

We advise clients on ways to protect assets and maintain a quality life style through methods such as:

> Irrevocable trusts
> Gifting
> Converting non-exempt assets into exempt assets
> Transferring assets
> Life estates
> Purchasing annuities and long-term care insurance

An effective Medicaid Plan also provides for the spouse that is still at home. Your children and grandchildren are the ultimate beneficiaries of your estate. What you plan for today will affect what you leave for them in the future.

If you are seeking legal assistance for your Medicaid plan, contact our Needham estate planning attorney.

Personal Injury

Over 30 Years Experience

Massachusetts personal injury attorney, Alan H. Segal, has been providing legal representation throughout Massachusetts and the Greater Boston community for over 30 years.

Alan and his associates through the years have provided legal consultation, support and guidance to those who have been hurt or injured by the negligence or fault of another party. With a sincere, personal touch, Alan is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for his personal injury clients.

Greater Boston Personal Injury Attorneys

When an accident or serious injury happens, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. Often, the whole family suffers. Many times it takes more than expert medical attention: it takes sound legal advice from knowledgeable Massachusetts attorneys. Our law office and attorneys has a long history of helping people. Expert legal attention to your case can make all the difference – you can be assured that we will work hard for you to protect your rights and champion your cause. Our Massachusetts law firm’s personal injury practice has dealt with serious personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Have you suffered an injury or had a family member who died because of someone else’s fault? If so, contact our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys today.

Since many people cannot afford to pay for quality legal services on an hourly basis, we often represent our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you owe no attorneys’ fees unless we successfully collect money on your behalf. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the total award plus reimbursement for any out-of-pocket costs. If you are in the Boston area let our Boston personal injury lawyer help you!

No matter how strong a case you may have, it is important to choose the right attorneys. At our law firm, you will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Areas Of Practice For Serious Personal Injury And Wrongful Death:

> Automobile Accidents
> Motorcycle Accidents
> Truck Accidents
> Construction Accidents
> Head/Bodily Injury
> Permanent Disability
> Paralysis
> Wrongful Death
> Defective Products
> Nursing Home Injuries
> Insurance Claims

If You’ve Been Injured Due To The Negligence Of Another, Call Us

If you believe that you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you contact our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. There are laws in Massachusetts that provide deadlines for you to bring your claim or you will lose your right to bring it altogether. Only experienced attorneys can properly advise you on your time limits after he or she has had a chance to discuss your case with you. Contacting a Massachusetts attorney early on in your case can also help to ensure that the insurance adjuster for the other side does not take advantage of you. He or she is trained to find a way to defeat your claim and is not working in your interest.

Have you suffered an injury or had a family member who died because of someone else’s fault? If so, contact our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys today.

Real Estate


Massachusetts real estate attorneys can help with the closing of your Boston home purchase. Our Boston real estate lawyers are experienced in all matters pertaining to Boston real estate, and have a good working knowledge of the procedures and requirements of mortgage lenders in the Boston area. Besides residential closings, we can handle commercial closings. We can prepare all the closing documents including UCC’s, assignment of rents, security agreements, notes, and mortgages.

Massachusetts real estate attorneys can help with most legal real estate needs, contact our Boston real estate lawyers today.

If you are considering leasing space in the Boston Massachusetts area, we can review the lease and explain it to you in everyday terms.

Massachusetts Real Estate Attorneys Can Help With:

> Property Lien
> Contract Law
> Quit Claim Deed
> Foreclosure
> Construction Law

Functions of a Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyer

One of the Boston real estate lawyer’s primary function is to ensure that ’good title” to the property is being transferred. This involves title research wherein the lawyer will examine probate records, surveys, plats, and other legal documents. If there are no problem in the chain of title, the lawyer will issue a title insurance policy, guaranteeing a proper title transfer. This “Lender’s Policy,” or “Mortgagee Policy”, is required by the mortgage lender. An owner’s policy can be purchased at the same time as the closing, which will protect your interest in the property. Conversely, if problems with the title exist, your closing attorney will attempt to correct the errors. Should problems develop during the title examination, the lawyer will contact the involved parties as soon as possible, so as to avoid any delay in the scheduled closing date.

The second function of a Boston real estate lawyer is to make sure that the client understand the closing transactions completely. Any questions regarding the closing documents can be referred to the lawyer, or his closing staff.

Are you or someone you know planning on buying a new home in Massachusetts and need the legal advice of a knowledgeable Massachusetts real estate attorney?

If so, contact us to let one of our experienced Massachusetts real estate attorneys help you today.

Alan H. Segal, Esq. Attorney

I am providing expert legal advice and representation that is both comprehensive and ultimately advantageous to my valued clients. I have served the greater Boston community as a real estate, business and personal injury lawyer for more than 40 years.

Backed by the experience of representing thousands of clients, my extensive education and background in estate planning and as a lawyer in Needham, ensures that clients of all types get both the needed skillful advice and the deserved personal attention they all seek.

I have served as a special advisor to the Harvard Law School Trial Advocacy Workshop and I have appeared on television as a consultant on legal issues on Channel 7 News and on Channel 4 News. I have also appeared on Channel 5 in a Miller’s Court segment. In addition, I have appeared on numerous radio stations including the Paul Benzaquin Show on WHDH and the Roger Allen Show on WRKO to discuss legal matters. I had been the host on a television show entitled “Legal Insights” on Continental Cablevision and on a radio show also called “Legal Insights” for many years on WJDA in Quincy.


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