Sep 16 2015

What You Can Expect from a Real Estate Attorney

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There are few transactions that are as complicated and fraught with risk than the selling and buying of real estate. With the sheer volume of laws, that inevitably vary from state to state, the legal details of such transactions can sometimes overwhelm even seasoned land holders, realtors and experts of all kinds. Even for those who are using a licensed real estate agent to represent their needs in a real estate contract, it is recommended that you also employ the services of a real estate attorney.

Where your agent will help you with finding the right property, or the perfect buyer for yours, and will aid with the closing on the contract and the details of such, a real estate attorney will work to protect your rights and ensure that all of your responsibilities as buyer or seller are covered. The duties of a lawyer, trained specifically in real estate law, extend far beyond the scope of an agent.

Your real estate lawyer should be able to assist you with:

  • The explanation of the real estate contract and its clauses and the title transfer of the property.
  • The finding of any existing covenants, easements or liens on the property you are looking at buying that may preclude your full use of that real estate.
  • Any clarification of the terms of the mortgage and efforts to change them where necessary.
  • The analysis of any adjustments, taxes and utilities prior to closing.
  • Attending the contract closing proceedings; helping to review any paperwork that requires your signature.
  • The arranging of title insurance.
  • Review of the binder and the sales agreement and terms.
  • Preparation of the deed and provide power of attorney if needed.
  • Provide help in any correction of title issues.
  • The arranging of the transfer of security deposits and insurance certificates when needed.

As your Needham real estate attorney, we handle both residential and commercial real estate closings. We prepare all the closing documents including UCC’s, assignment of rents, security agreements, notes, and mortgages. Call us today for a full description of all the legal services we provide our valued clients.



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