Oct 22 2015

Personal Injury Case Mistakes that Can Cost You

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Personal injury cases are rarely as simple as deciding who is responsible and how much damages are to be awarded to the victim. The nuances and circumstances surrounding the event carry a great amount of importance and heavily influence the decision. Everything the plaintiff does between the time of the incident and the final judgment can greatly impact the settlement. As a Top-Rated Local® personal injury lawyer in Needham, we advise our clients to avoid the following mistakes during their injury claim in order to attain the best possible results:

  • Not seeking immediate medical care. Whether you were involved in an auto accident or were injured in a slip and fall, not getting the care you need at that time can cost you the entire case. Make sure to not give the insurance company any reason to believe that you weren’t injured seriously or that your injuries did not stem from that particular incident.
  • Not keeping detailed records. Often claimants forget to document their medical appointments, recommended care and health symptoms after the accident. Keep track of how you feel on a daily basis, taking special note of any symptoms. Not doing so can result in confusion and missed details that could affect your case. Take pictures of your vehicle, the scene and any and all injuries that you have.
  • Talking too much. The insurance company is going to try to get you to make a statement before you have been fully prepared to do so. Do not consent to a recorded statement. It is almost inevitable that you will end up saying too much or recalling something erroneously. Make sure to enlist the help of your personal injury lawyer and direct all questions to him/her.
  • Signing a release or authorization. When you sign medical releases for the insurance company you basically give them free reign to search your medical records. They look for any indication that may lead a judge to believe that your injuries were preexisting or not of a serious level. By signing a release you also may be tricked into accepting a smaller settlement than what you deserve. Always direct the insurance company representative to your lawyer regarding all questions or requests.
  • Not keeping your doctor appointments. Your medical records are an instrumental tool in your personal injury claim. Make sure to follow through on all care and therapy for as long as prescribed, regardless of how you feel on the day of your appointment. Missed or postponed appointments indicate one thing to the insurance companies: that you are not as seriously injured as you claimed to be.
  • Prematurely settling your case. It is an often-used ploy of the insurance companies to have you settle as soon as possible. Once you sign the release and agree to settle, you forfeit the ability to sue for further damages or additional injuries. Report any and all symptoms, even those that may seem frivolous or temporary to your doctor.

If you believe that you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you contact our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. Time is of the essence; call the Law Office of Alan H. Segal today at 781-214-7129.



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