Dec 7 2015

How to Get the Most out of Your Personal Injury Claim

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It should come as no surprise that your insurance company wants to settle your personal injury claim for as little as possible.

It should be obvious that keeping their payouts as small as possible is how they make money.

Therefore, it should be expected that they hope to do the same to you too.

So how do you avoid settling for a less-than-optimal settlement?By understanding exactly how an insurance company works towards a settlement amount and the tactics they use to get you to sign off early on yours. It is a often-used strategy for an insurance company to not participate in a full investigation, and opt instead to use industry jargon and scare tactics to cajole you into signing a settlement agreement. If they should fail at this, their adjuster will look to gain as much information regarding the accident or situation in which you were injured, with the intent of procuring evidence that proves you are not as seriously hurt as claimed. This investigation includes interviewing all those involved, and taping their statements; obtaining police reports, medical records related to the injury; past medical history of the claimants; claimants proof of earnings and any prior personal injury claims.

This gathering of information will be used to support the insurer’s decision of how much to pay or to not pay your claim at all. They will be analyzing all of the information for inconsistencies or missing facts. Their default belief will be that you’ve lied or discarded facts that could be damaging to your claim. They will also do a full consideration of your case and what intangibles will sway a judge or jury one way or another. For example, if you claim to have debilitating pain from the injury and cannot work but continue to coach your son’s peewee football team every week, an insurance adjuster may just use this to show that you were not as badly injured as you reported, decreasing the likelihood of a full settlement.

The best way to deal with insurance companies and their tactics is to hire a personal injury lawyer. We know the strategies they use in injury claims and help keep our clients from experiencing those pitfalls that are set up to ensure you lose your claim. By helping you navigate through the complications of an auto accident injury claim or a slip and fall, we help you recover the compensation that helps you recover from the extensive damages a serious injury can leave. Don’t make the same mistake so many victims make. Call your personal injury lawyer in Needham before the insurance company leads you to settling for less than you need and deserve.

Expert legal attention to your case can make all the difference – you can be assured that we will work hard for you to protect your rights and champion your cause. Our Massachusetts law firm’s personal injury practice has dealt with serious personal injury and wrongful death claims. Before you make any final or binding decisions with your insurance company, call a personal injury lawyer who is ready to fight for you and knows how to do so.




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