Alan Segal at the Academy Awards

Alan Segal had the recent privilege to attend the Academy Awards with his son Evan and daughter Jennifer. Here’s the reference in Heresay – The Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly newsletter. Click to enlarge.


Lawyer’s Weekly selects Alan Segal as one of Massachusetts’ Top Legal Minds

Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly, a leading industry publication, has selected Attorney Alan Segal as a quotable source of news stories from Massachusetts’ top legal minds. Noted by the publication as an expert in the areas of Massachusetts Business Formation, Real  [ Read More ]

Massachusetts Business Formations – MYOB Radio Show Interview

Attorney Alan Segal is a guest on the radio show, Mind Your Own Business (MYOB). In this video segment Alan discusses business formations. You may listen to Alan’s entire radio segment here.

Buying a Home: It’s a Big Deal

FTC Offers Home Buyers Advice on Choosing Real Estate Services
Home buyers today have a wide variety of choices when it comes to real estate services. The Federal Trade Commission has tips for considering a real estate professional and  [ Read More ]

Property Manager Failed to Warn About Lead Paint

A large Massachusetts-based property management company and several related associates may be subject to a significant penalty for violating federal lead paint disclosure laws. Notifying prospective tenants about potential lead paint hazards in housing helps parents protect young children from  [ Read More ]

Injury Victim Can Not Recover From Deceased’s Estate

A Massachusetts resident was unsuccessful in bringing a personal injury claim against a decreased homeowner’s estate. The plaintiff says that bad maintenance of his property when the defendant was alive caused an accident just a couple of months after his  [ Read More ]

Alan Segal Represents Iraq Veteran

Alan Segal Represents Iraq Veteran

Capt. Michelle Jacobs, a registered nurse with the Army Reserves, may bring a civil suit against Barkan Management, which owns the complex, for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to her attorney,  [ Read More ]

Insurers Won’t Touch Lead, So Landlords Live in Legal Limbo

Insurers Won’t Touch Lead, So Landlords Live in Legal Limbo (opens PDF document)

Alan H. Segal quoted in this Banker and Tradesman online article … “If there’s no coverage, then the landlord is in big trouble.”

Internet Document Recording

Internet Document Recording (opens PDF document)

Deeds, mortgages, and other documents can now be recorded over a secure internet connection. The Law Office of Alan H. Segal in Needham was the first to use Simplifile to electronically record  [ Read More ]

Avoiding Mortgage Payment Shock

FTC Offers New Publication for Homeowners

A new publication from the FTC has information that could help consumers save their homes and recognize and avoid foreclosure scams. The publication, “Mortgage Payments Sending You Reeling? Here’s What To Do,” explains different  [ Read More ]

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