Legal Questions & Answers

Do I Need A Reason To Evict My Tenant?

Yes and No. If the reason for eviction is a violation of a lease term or nonpayment of rent, this reason must be spelled out in both the Notice to Quit and […]

What Is The Purpose Of The Notice To Quit?

The purpose of the Notice to Quit is to terminate the tenancy. Thus, if a lease by its own terms is terminated, no further notice to quit is needed. But if notice […]

How Do I Evict My Tenant?

You first must determine what type of relationship you have with your tenant. The rules of the game change with this determination. There are two main types of tenancies; one at will […]

Is Allowing Pets A Good Idea For Landlords?

Many Massachusetts landlords – both residential and commercial – have been trying to set themselves apart and attract more tenants by allowing pets. It’s true that pets can cause damage to a […]