Celebrity Wills

Joe DiMaggio 2

(1914-1999) The Last Will And Testament Of Joseph P. DiMaggio, Pt. II ARTICLE VIII SIMULTANEOUS DEATH In the event any beneficiary and I die simultaneously or under such circumstances that there is […]

Babe Ruth

(1895-1948) The Will Of Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swats” grew up in an institution for underprivileged boys. Dominating baseball as a home run hitter, Ruth became a national celebrity. Famous for […]


(1769-1821) The Will Of Napolean This 15th April, 1821, at Longwood, Island of St. Helena. This is my Testament, or act of my last will. 1. I DIE in the Apostolical Roman […]

Elvis Presley

(1935-1977) The Will Of Elvis Presley Known as “The King,” Presley sold more than 45 million records and starred in 33 motion pictured. He left much of his vast fortune to members […]

Jackie Onassis

(1929-1994) The Will Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis As first lady, Onassis planned the restoration of the White House and urged Congress to declare it a national museum. The art and personal possessions […]

Joe DiMaggio

(1914-1999) The Last Will And Testament Of Joseph P. DiMaggio I, JOSEPH P. DIMAGGIO, of the City of Hollywood, County of Broward and State of Florida, being of sound and disposing mind […]

John Lennon

(1940-1980) The Will Of John Lennon The Beatles’ singer, songwriter and guitarist, who sang “imagine no possessions” in the popular hit “Imagine,” left most of his property to an estate controlled by […]

Marilyn Monroe

(1926-1962) The Will Of Marilyn Monroe The legendary sex symbol, who tragically committed suicide in 1962, left most of her fortunes to her friends and family. I, MARILYN MONROE, do make, publish […]

Richard Nixon

(1913-1994) The Will Of Richard Nixon The only president to resign from office gave specific instructions for the handling and disposal of personal notes and records. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF RICHARD […]

Walt Disney

(1901-1966) Last Will And Testament Of Walter E. Disney I, WALTER E. DISNEY, a resident of Los Angeles County, California, declare this to be my Last Will and revoke all former Wills […]