Buying A Home: It’s A Big Deal

FTC Offers Home Buyers Advice on Choosing Real Estate Services Home buyers today have a wide variety of choices when it comes to real estate services. The Federal Trade Commission has tips […]

Property Manager Failed To Warn About Lead Paint

A large Massachusetts-based property management company and several related associates may be subject to a significant penalty for violating federal lead paint disclosure laws. Notifying prospective tenants about potential lead paint hazards […]

Joe DiMaggio 2

(1914-1999) The Last Will And Testament Of Joseph P. DiMaggio, Pt. II ARTICLE VIII SIMULTANEOUS DEATH In the event any beneficiary and I die simultaneously or under such circumstances that there is […]

How Do I Evict My Tenant In Massachusetts?

ATTORNEY ANSWER: You first must determine what type of relationship you have with your tenant. The rules of the game change with this determination. There are two main types of tenancies; one […]

What Do I Do When I Receive A Notice To Quit?

ATTORNEY ANSWER: Read the notice to quit to understand the reason. If the reason is for nonpayment of rent, you may be able to stop the eviction process by paying what is […]

Injury Victim Can Not Recover From Deceased’s Estate

A Massachusetts resident was unsuccessful in bringing a personal injury claim against a decreased homeowner’s estate. The plaintiff says that bad maintenance of his property when the defendant was alive caused an […]

Babe Ruth

(1895-1948) The Will Of Babe Ruth “The Sultan of Swats” grew up in an institution for underprivileged boys. Dominating baseball as a home run hitter, Ruth became a national celebrity. Famous for […]


(1769-1821) The Will Of Napolean This 15th April, 1821, at Longwood, Island of St. Helena. This is my Testament, or act of my last will. 1. I DIE in the Apostolical Roman […]

Elvis Presley

(1935-1977) The Will Of Elvis Presley Known as “The King,” Presley sold more than 45 million records and starred in 33 motion pictured. He left much of his vast fortune to members […]