Massachusetts Security Deposit Return Lawyer

Massachusetts Laws regarding the Massachusetts Security Deposit Return Lawyer - flying dollarsreturn of security deposits often work in the tenants favor. However, you need to comply with the security deposit laws in order to collect your security deposit in full. If your landlord has not returned your security deposit and is in violation of Massachusetts security deposit laws, you may be entitled to as much as three times the security deposit amount.

Get your security deposit back from your landlord. Know your rights as a tenant, contact our Massachusetts security deposit return lawyer today for a free, initial consultation!

Rules about your Security Deposit

In Massachusetts, the landlord must return your security deposit or balance within 30 days after the termination of tenancy. The landlord can only deduct for the following:

  • any unpaid rent which has not been withheld validly or deducted in accordance with the law;
  • any unpaid increase in real estate taxes if you were obligated to pay it under a valid tax escalator clause in your lease; and
  • a reasonable amount necessary to repair any damage caused by you, any person under your control, or any person on the premises with your consent. Pet damage can also be deducted. You do not have to pay for reasonable wear and tear associated with normal use.

If you have questions about your rights as a tenant, including the return of your security deposit in the full amount, contact our Massachusetts security deposit return lawyer today!

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