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Massachusetts Laws regarding the landlord and tenant relationship can be Massachusetts Eviction Attorney - finger pointing at document in black and whitecomplicated and technically challenging. Failure to properly and timely notify a tenant regarding late rent or other issues that are creating problems for the landlord will result in dismissal of an eviction case and require starting the process from the beginning. Corporate landlords must be represented by a Massachusetts eviction attorney in Court. They cannot use an employee or an agent in eviction proceedings. Our office has many years experience representing landlords and tenants. We cover the entire State of Massachusetts and look forward to assisting your needs as a landlord or tenant.

Eviction Lawyer for Landlords

If you are a Massachusetts landlord or an out-of-state landlord with property in Massachusetts and in need of an experienced Massachusetts tenant eviction lawyer, contact Attorney Alan Segal.

Evicting a tenant in Massachusetts can be very complex. You must follow the law regardless of whether the agreement is a tenancy at will (no lease) or if the tenant is under a lease.

There are several legitimate and lawful reason to evict a tenant. Usually eviction consists of removing a tenant who has breached the terms of a lease or rental agreement by; failure to pay rent, staying after the term has expired, and/or the tenancy agreement was on a month to month basis.

Know your rights. If you are a landlord looking to evict a tenant in Massachusetts who is in violation of the terms of a lease or rental agreement, contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

If you need the legal assistance from an experienced attorney, contact our Massachusetts eviction attorney today!

The Housing Court Department of the Trial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has listed the following Frequently Asked Questions about evictions, landlords and tenants. Click on the question to retrieve the answer from the Housing Court Site:

General Questions:

Questions From a Landlord:

If you need the legal assistance from an experienced eviction attorney, contact our Massachusetts eviction attorney today!

Questions From a Tenant:

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

If you need the legal assistance from an experienced attorney, contact us today!

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