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These days, more and more companies are doing business electronically, through company websites, offering both information and Massachusetts E-Commerce Lawyer - keyboard with shopping cart iconproducts for sale. When setting up a website, many situations may require legal review. An experienced business lawyer in Massachusetts can help you navigate the complicated system of e-commerce laws, ensuring your legal status while protecting you and your assets along the way.

Are you or someone you know planning on starting a web site? Contact Alan H. Segal today for expert e-commerce legal advice. 

In registering a domain name, there may be a dispute over the name. You have to beware of cybersquatters. Cybersquatters are individuals who buy and register domain names with an intention to use it in bad-faith. In addition to assisting you with buying and registering a domain name, our law firm aids your e-commerce business by:

  • reviewing a web site design and development agreement
  • reviewing a web hosting agreement
  • issues relating to taxation
  • laws relating to regulated industries
  • laws regulating internet advertising efforts
  • intellectual property protection

You not only need a business lawyer who understands contracts, torts, and intellectual property, but you also need a lawyer who understands computers, the internet, and has experience with e-commerce. An experienced e-commerce business lawyer should be knowledgeable in both areas.


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