Massachusetts Real Estate Attorneys

Massachusetts real estate attorneys can help massachusetts real estate attorney - gavel on woodwith the closing of your Boston home purchase. Our Boston real estate lawyers are experienced in all matters pertaining to Boston real estate, and have a good working knowledge of the procedures and requirements of mortgage lenders in the Boston area. Besides residential closings, we can handle commercial closings. We can prepare all the closing documents including UCC’s, assignment of rents, security agreements, notes, and mortgages.

Massachusetts real estate attorneys can help with most legal real estate needs, contact our Boston real estate lawyers today.

If you are considering leasing space in the Boston Massachusetts area, we can review the lease and explain it to you in everyday terms.

Massachusetts Real Estate Attorneys can help with:

  • Property Lien
  • Contract Law
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Foreclosure
  • Construction Law

Functions of a Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyer

One of the Boston real estate lawyer’s primary function is to ensure that ’good title” to the property is being transferred. This involves title research wherein the lawyer will examine probate records, surveys, plats, and other legal documents. If there are no problem in the chain of title, the lawyer will issue a title insurance policy, guaranteeing a proper title transfer. This “Lender’s Policy,” or “Mortgagee Policy”, is required by the mortgage lender. An owner’s policy can be purchased at the same time as the closing, which will protect your interest in the property. Conversely, if problems with the title exist, your closing attorney will attempt to correct the errors. Should problems develop during the title examination, the lawyer will contact the involved parties as soon as possible, so as to avoid any delay in the scheduled closing date.

The second function of a Boston real estate lawyer is to make sure that the client understand the closing transactions completely. Any questions regarding the closing documents can be referred to the lawyer, or his closing staff.

Are you or someone you know planning on buying a new home in Massachusetts and need the legal advice of a knowledgeable Massachusetts real estate attorney?

If so, contact us to let one of our experienced Massachusetts real estate attorneys help you today.

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