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On the internet, it is very easy for people to claim credit for your hard work. Make sure that you have the protection you need to protect your intellectual property and defend your creative ideas. Our Massachusetts intellectual property attorney can make it easy for you to protect your work and file for a federal copyright, the indisputable legal proof you need to claim ownership for your work.

Do your believe that your intellectual property rights been infringed upon? Contact Alan H. Segal, Needham’s trusted  intellectual property lawyer today.

An Intellectual Property Lawyer can help with:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents

A copyright is a form of protection provided to authors of “original works of authorship.” This includes both published and unpublished works. Copyrights protect the form of expression rather than the subject of the expression.

Federal copyright registrations are issued by the US Copyright Office. They can give the copyright owner exclusive rights to reproduce the copyrighted work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies of the work, and perform and display the work publicly.

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, or device which indicates the source of a product and distinguishes it from the products of others. A service mark identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product.

Trademarks are issued by the US Patent & Trademark Office. They prevent other people from using a confusingly similar mark but cannot prevent others from making the same products or from selling the same products under a clearly different mark.

A patent is the grant of a property right to an inventor. With a patent, a person is granted the right to exclude others from using, offering for sale, and selling or importing the invention. They are issued by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Though our Massachusetts intellectual property attorney does not patent work, we can refer you to the appropriate office.

Under intellectual property laws, the following cannot be copyrighted:

  • titles
  • domain names
  • telephone numbers
  • general ideas
  • concepts


Let Alan H. Segal protect the content and HTML code of your web site! Click here to request an appointment.

The types of works that can be registered include:

Literary Works Performing Arts Works Visual Arts Works
  • web site HTML code
  • web site screen displays
  • computer programs
  • academic or scholarly works
  • pamphlets, directories, catalogs, and brochures
  • poetry, essays, books, and manuscripts
  • speeches, reports, and advertising copy
  • contributions to collective works
  • compilations of data or other literary works
  • automated databases
    • scripts (with or without music) prepared for theater, radio, and television
    • screenplays for motion pictures (with or without music)
    • lyrics
    • music
    • musicals
    • pantomimes
    • choreographic works

Keep in mind:

    • sports, games, and physical fitness exercises are not choreographic works
    • sound recordings are not performing arts works
  • photographs and posters
  • drawings, artwork, and murals
  • architectural drawings
  • advertisements
  • artwork applied to clothing or other useful articles
  • cartoons, decals, bumper stickers
  • greeting cards, postcards, stationery
  • maps, globes
  • dolls, toys, games, puzzles
  • fabric, floor, and wall covering designs
  • holograms, computer, and laser artwork
  • jewelry designs
  • mosaics and patterns for sewings, knitting, crochet, and needlework
  • sculpture (carvings, ceramics, figurines)
  • stained glass designs, stencils, cut-outs
  • technical drawings, blueprints, diagrams, mechanical drawings

Have your intellectual property rights been infringed upon? If so, contact our Massachusetts intellectual property attorney today!

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